November 7th

whoa it is already the 7th.Well yes it is and i have something to say it is a windy Saturday and i am at home with my dad and two little sister and it is 19 days until thanksgiving . Who is excited? i am and i am feeling pretty thankful right now so  that is a great thing and i have  done some thinking about what i am like and how i can come off to people who don,t know me . So i know i can come off rude and  Un thoughtful  and i might talk so much and not let you or anybody get a word in and i am sorry it is something we need to work as ENFP  but it is because we  have so much going thought are head’s we need to get it out  as fast as we can to another person and another thing is i come off very annoy and very persistence and can get bored if not doing some that gets me interest i love art and how beautiful it can be .And that’s all i have to say right now with out making a long post and  mean very long ,comment or like it if you have something to say . Until next  time i bide ado .

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